Discover Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is always so much fun! This is one of our activities that we recommend the most – unique great chance to dive in all senses to the underwater world and fully immerse into an extraordinary atmosphere. Swimming with beautiful fish in a clean water is a fantastic chance to explore the underwater life.

You have a great chance to open yourself up to the diversity of the sea-world and we assure you, you will never want to get out of the water! And you don’t need to take long roads to reach a dive destination, since we conduct everything from the hotel beach!

What’s more?

You’ll get a chance to see our beautiful island form a different perspective and observe its unique scenery form the sea en route to your dive sites.

If you do not hold a diving certification, do not worry! There’re alternatives for non experienced and beginner divers too. You can try a shore dive or take a course to be certified for deeper dives during your holiday.

More information on scuba diving can be obtained via our hotel front desk during your stay or by contacting us in advance.

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